Charity Mission 2022

Charity Mission 2022

We found out that the Spetsializirovannyy Respublikanskiy Dom Rebenka  in Kazan was in need of a cooling room for the produce they use to make  meals for children. They found it to be more effective to create a cooling room instead of using several refrigerating units. 

They have builts a special facility and the only thing they had left to do was to put a cooling system in it. We successfully located the contractor who delivered and installed the cooling unit .

We are happy to help this wonderful organization improve their food storage needs.

Respublikanskiy Dom Rebenka Spetsializirovannyy


Cooling unit delivered and installed

Charity Mission 2019

Charity  Mission 2019

Our visit to Derbyshkinskiy Detskiy Dom-Internat Dlya Umstvenno Otstalykh Detey

Derbyshkinsky orphanage – boarding school, intended for citizens with mental disorders

Our orphanage has been operating since 1976. Currently, 138 disabled children (disabled children) aged from 4 to 23 years (palliative disabled people up to 30 years old) live here.

The main forms of activity of the orphanage:

– Providing social services to pupils in order to create favorable living conditions for them;

– Organizing care for pupils, leisure, carrying out therapeutic and health-improving and preventive measures;

– Organization of physical education of pupils, taking into account their age and health status;

– Providing social, psychological or other assistance to the parents of pupils (if any) in resolving a difficult life situation;

– Organization of pupils taking into account their mental abilities and physical capabilities;

– Comprehensive preparation and social adaptation of children to subsequent independent life, formation of social skills, communication skills;

– Implementation of individual rehabilitation programs;

– Implementation of measures for the social and labor rehabilitation of pupils in order to compensate for impaired abilities in everyday, social and professional activities, and integrate them into society.

Our charitable contirubution: