Royal Charity Ball 2024

Royal Ball 2024

Join us for an enchanting night of art, music, and philanthropy.
Wear your most formal attire, and immerse yourself in a world of elegance and generosity.
Bid at the silent auction, enjoy music, dancing, food & drinks, and support a great cause!
Let’s come together for an unforgettable night of Royal Charity Ball in support of Russian Heritage Society!
Tickets are $55 per person
Ticket includes: appetizers, dessert and performance
Wine and non-alcoholic beverage service available for the duration of the event

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Royal Ball 


April 2024

4:00 – 9 p.m.

James P. Davis Hall
East Dr, Kansas City, KS 66109


Entertainment program

Featured local performers 





From classical to modern


Unable to attend but want to  make a contribution ? We would appreciate your donation!



Dance to a variety of tunes by Big Time Entertainment “Dueling Pianos”



Charity Mission 2024

Charity Mission 2024

This year we are supporting children’s hospice in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan. The Angela Vavilova Foundation is 20 years old. All this time they have been working for residents of Tatarstan who need palliative care.
Over 20 years, they have helped more than 4.5 thousand children and provided assistance to almost three thousand adult patients.
They built the first hospice for children and adults in Kazan, which they called the House without Pain and which was recognized as one of the best in Europe. The motto of their work is “If a person cannot be cured, this does not mean that he cannot be helped.”
Now the Foundation’s team is building another hospice in Kazan, which would allow it to provide assistance to a much larger number of people. They have a mobile service. In the regions of Tatarstan, the Foundation opens palliative rooms to help rural residents. Today there are already nine such offices.


  • A great achievement of the Kazan hospice was the creation of the first Registry of patients in Tatarstan in need of palliative hospice care
  • The Kazan hospice currently has 185 patients on its patronage register, including 120 children and 65 adults
  • Children with terminal cancer are kept in hospice until the end without any limitation on the length of their stay
  • Children with severe progressive diseases, with higher life potential, are with their parents in a hospice for a social respite (when parents with a seriously ill child are admitted to a hospice hospital for 21 days, receive qualified palliative care. Parents can also leave the child in the hospital to solve their problems: vacation, repairs, psychological relaxation)







During the operation of the Kazan hospice, since 2011, palliative hospice care has been provided to 3,331 patients in the hospital, as well as part of the outreach service (hospice at home).


Five-year experience has shown that hospices are in great demand. And one Kazan hospice with 35 beds is extremely small for the whole of Tatarstan. Therefore, the question arose about expanding the hospice hospital: the adult department to 100 beds, the children’s department to 40 beds. The Angela Vavilova Foundation is currently building a second hospital (Opened on February 12, 2024).



We met with the representatives from Hospice and inquired about their needs. They explained to us that in the service they provide they try to keep the lives of their patients as normal as possible. They create rooms for families to live along their children and they provide all equipment to help with the life in the clinic. We have contributed several units of equipment to be installed in the family rooms. 

Hospice is not about death, it is about life, a worthy life to the end.




Every patient of the hospice gets a special memorial place when they transition. 

The Angels alley shows pictures of hospice patients including the two daughters of the hospice founder. Vladimir Vavilov has tradically lost both of his daughters. 

The Angela Vavilova Charitable Foundation was established in March 2003 by Vladimir and Marina Vavilovs in memory of their five-year-old daughter Angela, who died of blood cancer.


How to help the Fund? To support this Fund’s work please use the following link for information: 

Official website : Kazan Hospice

Children Read Summer Enrichment Program

Children Read

Summer Enrichment Program 

During the summer meetings we read at least 15 books, practiced writing skills, sang songs, recited poems and made memories!

All the teachers are excited to start a new school year on August 31 and welcome our students after summer break!

Fill out the form if you wish to register your children for clases :

Our students stories| Russian Language School Registration

Monthly summer meetings in the library

  • many children learn how to read to be able to participate in this program 
  • children get to bring their favorite stories
  • great program for all ages

“Reading is essencial for those who seek to rise above rodinary.”

Jim Rohn

Jane Romanova-Hrenchir

Project coordiator 


Rozalia Asoyan (Розалия Христофоровна Асоян)



Розалия Христофоровна Асоян

С Розалией Христофоровной мы познакомились более пятнадцати лет назад. С первой минуты общения, я была поражена её живости и харизматичности. У Розалии, когда она еще жила в квартире в центре Канзас-Сити, всегда были сладости для гостей. Приходишь к ней, тут же чай и торт, как будто ждала… Розалия решила, что хочет рисовать уже в 83. Она посещала уроки рисования некоторое время, а потом нарисовала столько картин, что стала дарить их своим друзьям. Мне одна тоже досталась. Есть в ней такое что-то магическое: вечер, девушка стоит у дерева на берегу озера и смотрит на свет в окошке дома. Я еще тогда спросила: «Розалия, это вы?». Картину Розалия подписала «Женечке на память». Роза. У Розалии никого не было в Канзас-Сити, муж умер давно, она так и была одна. Мы редко говорили о нём, хотя несколько раз она грустно о нём вспоминала.

Розалия была необыкновенная, сильная духом, мужественная, но очень женственная. Всегда она была ухожена, с красивой прической, длинными ногтями и конечно всегда улыбалась.

Мы часто навещали Розалию, когда она переехала в дом престарелых. Постепенно она стала забывать кто к ней приходит, но каждый раз с удовольствием с нами знакомилась. Мы пели ей песни, знакомые с юности, а она улыбалась. Первого апреля ей исполнилось бы 99 лет. Хрупкая женщина, которая была актрисой театра Баку, снайпером во время Великой Отечественной Войны, свободным художником, уснула 27 марта 2022 года.

Спасибо Вам, Розалия, за наше общение. Пусть земля будет пухом.



Celebrating WWII Victory Day 

Celebrating 92nd birthday 



Visiting Rozalia in the nursing home in 2021

SWWII Veteran Medal Award 2015


Rozaliya Asoyan

We met Rozalia Asoyan more than fifteen years ago. From the first moment I was astonished how charismatic and lively she was. When Rozaliya lived in downtown Kansas city apartment, she always had sweet for guests. When we visited her, she would always make tea with cake as if she was prepared to see us. Roza decided she wanted to paint when she was 83 years old. She was attending art lessons for some time and later drew so many paintings that she started giving them as gifts to her friends. I dot one too. There is something magical in this painting: young girl standing by the tree next to a lake and looking at the light in the window of the nearby house. I asked her then: “Rozalia, is that you?” She signed it for me “To Jane as memory”. Rosa. Rozalia did not have any family members in Kansas city, her husband died and she has always lived alone since. We rarely talked about him, only a couple of times she mentioned him with sadness.

Rozalia was an incredible person, courageous, strong willed but very feminine. She has always looked neat, with nicely styled hair, long nails and she was always smiling.

We often visited Rozalia when she moved to the nursing home. Gradually she started forgetting us, but every time she was happy to get acquainted. We sang songs to her that were familiar to her since youth, she smiled.  She would have been 99 on April 1st. Fragile woman, who was an actress in Baku, sniper during the World War II, an artist, she fell asleep at night  on march 27 2022.

Thank you, Rozalia, for your friendship. May you rest in peace.









Charity Mission 2022

Charity Mission 2022

We found out that the Spetsializirovannyy Respublikanskiy Dom Rebenka  in Kazan was in need of a cooling room for the produce they use to make  meals for children. They found it to be more effective to create a cooling room instead of using several refrigerating units. 

They have builts a special facility and the only thing they had left to do was to put a cooling system in it. We successfully located the contractor who delivered and installed the cooling unit .

We are happy to help this wonderful organization improve their food storage needs.

Respublikanskiy Dom Rebenka Spetsializirovannyy


Cooling unit delivered and installed