Annual Holiday Celebration for children


Before the event

Kaschey and his helpers stealing Masha

Cast backstage!


Viktoria Burge with her students

Rehearsal before the event

Russian Heritage Society presents

“Searching the Snow Maiden”



Annual Holiday Celebration for children 

Our annual Holiday Celebration for children! Children were excited to help find the Snow Maiden and save her from evil characters they met on their way!
Ежегодный детский праздник наконец-то состоялся! Дед Мороз(Алексей Глазырин) пришёл на помощь детям и подсказал им как пробраться в сказочный лес, чтобы спасти от злого Кащея (Григорий Вылегжанин) Снегурочку (Евангелина Рэнчир), Баба Яга (Мария Бриджуотер) и Кот Матвей (Александр Чадлиев) всеми силами пытались остановить Машу (Маргарита Саевич) и Витю (Стефан Кулешов – Ледбеттер), которые смело отправились в опасную дорогу! Змей Горыныч(Семён Косухин) грозился спалить всё вокруг, но детям удалось убежать от него, а добрая Васелиса(Ксения Косухина) всегда оказывалась рядом, когда Маше и Вите нужна была помощь! И даже когда слуги Кащея Илья Рэнчир и Дэниел Рэнчир схватили Машу в царстве Кащея, догадливая Маша сумела найти выход из ситуации излечив сильную зубную боль Кащея волшебной конфетой! В нашей сказке был прекрасный весёлый конец с песнями и танцами, где Снегурочка снова встретилась с детьми и дедом Морозом, Маша и Витя доказали всем, что дружба творит чудеса, а дружный коллектив на сцене и за кадром был счастлив подарить детям праздник! Режиссер-постановщик и руководитель проекта Евгения Романова-Рэнчир, гримёр и творческий руководитель Ксения Косухина, танцевальный коллектив Виктории Бёрдж “Жар-Птица”, семья Глазыриных, Чадлиевых, Саевич, Кулешовых-Ледбеттер, Косухиных, Дэйвис, Бриджуотер, Рэнчир и Майк Гоуринг. Мы вас благодарим за Вашу работу! Спонсоры нашего вечера: 

Russian Heritage Society 

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Houston
Jane’s Photography and Media








Annual New Year Celebration

Russian speaking community  gathers to celebrate another year

Annual event featured several performers: DUO SeVer performed many popular songs in Russian, English, French and Ukrainian and were welcomed by the attendees with loud applause. 

Parisa Karimi performed a sword dance and wowed the public. 

Dan (guitar) and Jane (vocal) – Russian Heritage Society founders –  performed songs from the 60s, and 90s that were very popular among Russian speakers. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all next year!


Russian Heritage Society



Yuri Naumov Concert

Yuri Naumov  Concert in Lenexa, KS

Great concert took place on February 5, 2019

Yuri Naumov immigrated to USA in 1990. 

About the concert: Escapist – the name of the new album, is the biggest project in 35 year career by this blues guitar player.

It is an incredible journey where baroque and rock work together, where you will feel the harmony or sound and lyrics in every song.

“Эскапист”. Так называется новый студийный альбом блюзового гитариста Юрия Наумова – самый масштабный проект, предпринятый легендарным музыкантом за 35 лет активного сочинительства.
Вне зависимости, знакомы ли вы с творчеством Наумова или пришли впервые, вас ждет невероятное путешествие – в измерение, где барокко и рок сплетены воедино, где боль строк неотделима от радости гармоний, где в вибрации каждого звука – Свобода…




A year at a glance 2018


What happened in 2018

As we start a new year we would like to reflect on everything that happened in 2018! It was a busy full of events year for us! The most important event: after over 10 years of being a club we have become a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization “Russian Heritage Society”

  • We celebrated a new 2018 year as our annual tradition with a Children’s program with Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, Baba Yaga and others. Annual potluck dinner gathered many friends for a night of fun!



  • We celebrated Maslenitsa (pancake week) with singing, dancing, face painting, potluck lunch

  • We held an outreach session for passports exchange with the Consulate General of Russia. This program helps people submit their paperwork without the hassle of flying to Houston.

  • We celebrated Rozalia’s  95th birthday. Rozalia is an actress from Baku and world war II veteran who immigrated to the United States in the 90s. Since then she has been learning piano and art, she has given many of her friends her beautiful artwork. Rozalia is now in a nursing home and still loves having visitors over.




  • Participated in in the International Day of the Child festival with the performance program! Many people stopped by the Russian table, they asked us many questions about our culture and some were trying to learn new words. Together with a children’s dance studio “Firebird” we performed several dances and songs.

  • Annual Victory day Celebration “Immortal regiment”. We talked about our family members and their life during the world war II, many shared their stories.




  • We hosted an amazing Impressionist from Moscow Russia who had a workshop in Kansas City! We also offered a meet and greet event that people could join and interview the artist.

Here is the exclusive interview with Slava Korolenkov. Slava is coming back to Kansas city for another workshop in May of 2019.






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Talent Ville Club New Year Celebration

“Talent Ville” Club Russian Language school New Year Celebration 

The students of the Russian Language school “Talent Ville” club celebrated the end of the year along with their teachers, Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Snow Queen and Vaselisa! Children recited poems and songs for Father Frost and were really exited to get a sweet gift from the man himself!  Children enjoyed a dance program and sang traditional New Year songs!

Join us at the annual Holiday program for children on January 19th that will feature an interactive performance in Russian! In the end of the play all children will have a chance to take a photo with Father Frost, Snegurochka and other Characters and will get a sweet gift!